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Volume & Verve

Updated: Apr 7, 2022



1. quantity or power of sound; degree of loudness.

"he turned the volume up on the tv"



1. vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.

"Kollo sings with supreme verve and flexibility"


2. Verve, in particular, is indica­tive of high levels of energy and excitement; it is manifested by active involvement, considerable movement, and high speech tones. For example, the young man in question laughed more often and louder than the other students and often made brief comments like, "Oh, I love that part of the story!" or "That is so funny!" The teacher thought his behavior and comments were inappropriate and rude because he interrupted her during the reading and because he found it difficult to remain calm and sedentary. (Ford et al, 2000, p.399)

Engagement in the classroom does not always look the same.

It's no surprise that Black kids receive more disciplinary infractions than their White peers. The numbers have been clear. What wasn't clear was why?

My latest research article examines how 1 kindergarten, African American-English-speaking boy received behavioral warnings and corrections mainly for his volume & verve; two culturally-embedded communication style traits of many (not all) African American students.

Read my latest article on ASHA's site to learn more. Or email me for a personal copy.

For more information on Verve, see work by Dr. A. Wade Boykin.

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