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Did you miss the virtual conference from Bilinguistics?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Bilinguistics just hosted a 3-day back-to-school webinar with Dr. Ellen Kester, Dr. Xigrid Soto-Boykin, and ME!

It was an intense three days of information on how SLPs can work more effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Want to know how to accurately asses a student who speaks a language you don't? Covered that.

Want to use culturally responsive practices when assessing a student who speaks a dialect of English you don't, let's say African American English ;)?

Covered that.

Have an emergent bilingual student on your caseload and don't know what to do regarding language and literacy?

Covered that too!

The videos were recorded so if you'd like to watch them, just head on over to SLP Impact & Bilinguistics.

Also, check out Dr. Soto-Boykin's website, Habla DLL, where she offers free resources on culturally and linguistically competent practices for bilingual children.

The hosts of the Bilinguistics conference did an awesome job putting this virtual conference together. They also developed a few promotional videos along the way -- check them out on my Honeybee Connection YouTube channel.

And if you are still looking for ways to intervene successfully in a classroom setting with ALL of your students, feel free to watch my free webinar!

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