How Did I Become A Reader?

I was invited by Lee County Literacy Coalition's executive director, Patricia Butts, to have a conversation about how I became a reader. I actually found that question to be trickier than I had imagined. For one, I didn't really know what it meant to be called "a reader." Does it mean to be someone who loves to devour fictional books and escape to faraway places? Or does it mean to intake lots of knowledge via written text in order to...learn a new skill? gain new information? regurgitate in oral form?

I know that the definitions are not mutually exclusive, but it definitely got me thinking. Then, of course, the conversation led to an awesome conversation about the role of language and culture concerning literacy. And guess what?

She had a light bulb moment!

She started to understand the role that language and culture play in literacy.

Take a listen to the podcast, How Do You Become a Reader, and let me know your thoughts...

Patricia Butts understands the role that language and culture play in literacy, do you?

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