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"Flavors" Reaches the Auburn Community

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I spoke with fellow podcaster Brandon Etheredge, Director of Multimedia services at Auburn University's College of Liberal Arts.

We had a pretty lovely conversation about cultural responsiveness in assessment of students who speak African American English and, of course, embracing the ways that we all speak the same language.

I enjoyed doing this podcast, for many reasons, but one of the reasons happened today. I was stopped by a colleague at the University. They work in IT. They told me they heard my podcast and really enjoyed it. They said that there is a person who they've worked with for a while now and this other person pronounces a specific word very differently that they do. After listening to my podcast, they said,

"I get it, even though we both say the word differently, we are communicating the same thing...thank you."

And that made my week.

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