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"Back in the game:" 22nd Annual Loretta G. Brown Symposium Presenter

I had the honor of being the presenter at the 22nd annual Loretta G. Brown symposium hosted by the University of Montevallo!

It was my first time presenting such an in-depth training/talk (8am-4pm) since COVID began and it felt AWESOME!

" You were so engaging, I didn't fall asleep once!"
~ SLP participant

I'll take that as a win :)

Dr. Megan-Brette Hamilton standing next to Dr. Mathew Vansant
With Dr. Mathew Vansant - amazing symposium developer!

Dr. Megan-Brette Hamilton standing next to Dr. Linda Murdock
With the chair of the Communication Sciences and Disorders department at University of Montevallo, Dr. Linda Murdock

I spoke about literacy, language, and cultural considerations and implications for African American English-speaking children. The audience consisted of students, faculty, and clinicians. They had great questions and we shared many wonderful discussions about how best to implement culturally-linguistically responsive assessment and treatment as speech-language pathologists.

Main takeaway: It's not easy, but it's not impossible.

If you are looking for someone to deliver a workshop on culturally-linguistically responsive assessment and intervention with AAE-speaking children, Contact me and we can talk! I'm still available for webinars, but ready for safe socially distanced face-to-face presentations if you are.

Audience members seated in an auditorium wearing masks.
Masking up for an intense 6 hour training.

Remember, when you work with people: Language matters. Culture counts.

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