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Are you coming to New Orleans, or do you say N'awlins or something else? Whichever way you say it, you're right!

If you are coming to ASHA 2022, come join me for a pre-convention workshop OR a masterclass!!


With a focus on AAE, this presentation will peel back the layers of cultural humility, cultural competence, and culturally responsive practices when working with clients who speak a different dialect than yourself.

Participants will examine the role that language/dialect plays in one’s culture, by 1) addressing linguistic diversity, equity, and inclusion, 2) reframing the language we use to talk about dialect, and 3) identifying ways that one’s linguistic background impacts the teaching and assessing of literacy skills across the lifespan (e.g., reading, health literacy).


Cultural-linguistic differences between clinicians and their clients may create inaccurate assessment practices, misdiagnoses, and ineffective intervention practices. This workshop addresses areas of cultural competence that impact client care during the assessment phase of service delivery.

Clinicians will learn concrete strategies and recommendations to implement when pre-assessing, assessing, and documenting about students whose cultural-linguistic background may not align with theirs. While students from a variety of backgrounds will be addressed, the focus will be on African American English-speaking students.

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