Strategies for Successful Classroom Communication

Strategies for Successful Classroom Communication

  • Explains the IEP and the role of the SLP in schools in order to assist in teacher-SLP collaborations

  • Describes each communication disorder in relation to the classroom environment

  • Provides descriptions and examples of cultural-linguistic communication differences to assist teachers in delivering culturally-linguistically responsive strategies for African American English, Chicano English, and Philippine English

  • Illustrates what a communication disorder may "look" like in a classroom setting 

  • Provides over 100 strategies for successful communication divided into twos sections: "throughout the day" and "at specific times" 

  • List of over 40 resources to gather more information  

  • 4 reproducible charts for communication strategies – post them in your classroom!

  • 2 reproducible charts to use for speech and language referrals – use the exact words and phrases from the manual to help fill out the forms! 

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