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Megan-Brette Hamilton Speech Language Pathologist Speaker

When you work with people ...



Megan-Brette Hamilton SLP Cultural Linguistic Competence

Speaker. Educator. Innovator.



I am a speech-language pathologist (SLP) who is aiming to reframe how clinical and research communities describe African American English linguistic features. I have worked as an assistant professor, qualitative researcher, and am a leading voice on cultural-linguistic humility, competence, and responsiveness. I am also an ASHA certified SLP.


Do you find it challenging to

reach all of your students?

Check out my communication

in the classroom resource.

This manual will help you overcome the difficulty of making your classroom activities accessible to all of your students; be this the student with a speech and language IEP or the student who just seems to struggle; be this the student who shares a similar cultural background than yourself or the student who has a different cultural background than you. After reviewing my manual, you will have tons of different concrete strategies at your fingertips on ways to effectively communicate with your students in the classroom so that both you and your students feel successful. You will also be a major player in helping your student reach their speech and language goals.

Megan-Brette Hamilton Strategies for Successful Classroom Communication

Let's Talk about Language, Literacy, and Culture!

Learn about my workshops and speaking engagements. 

Megan-Brette Hamilton SLP Presenter

An educator beyond the classroom

HoneyBee Connection

The Podcast

Join Megan-Brette as she chats with guests who share their stories and experiences centered around language and culture. The HoneyBee Connection podcast aims to reveal how language and culture influence communication and offers tips and insight into how we can better communicate with each other. 

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HoneyBee Connection  

The Podcast 

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